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Research & Development

Vaccine is a biological product made from living micro-organisms, its development cycle is quite different from that of a pharmaceutical product and it has to undergo all stages of development like lab scale process development, pre-clinical trial, clinical trial, regulatory approval before the start of manufacturing. HBL focuses in research and development of vaccines and at IVC a dedicated R&D unit will be established for process development, pilot scale trials and clinical trials of vaccines.

HBL’s R&D division is developing the process & technology for manufacturing the following vaccines at IVC:

                Rabies vaccine (Human): vero cell inactivated vaccine

                Hib vaccine: protein-polysaccharide vaccine

                JE vaccine: vero cell based inactivated vaccine

                BCG vaccine: live attenuated

HLL Biotech Limited is in the process of establishing technology collaboration with well known vaccine manufacturers and research institutes in the world.

IVC is also planning to develop new vaccines like HPV, Rota viral, Pneumococcal vaccine by in-house research and development.