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Helix Club

“Recreational club of HBL”

The term “Helix” is synonymous with Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) which is the basis of life carrying genetic information in all living forms.  The recreational club of HBL rightly termed as Helix club instills “liveliness” in HBL’s official workspace creating the platform to network enjoy and creates a sense of togetherness.  Thus the motto of Helix club is

Together…..We Grow

The mission of Helix club is to

Build solidarity amongst the people of HBL.

Fostering inclusive culture among employees.

Increasing employee motivation to lead a happy and joyful life.

Developing a sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings and society at large.

The Action Plan to execute the above mentioned mission is by “One Recreational Activity per Month” plan which includes

Art / Literacy and Cultural events for kids of all members.

Arranging for resourceful talks by eminent speakers on health, lifestyle and personality development

Arranging visits to orphanages / old age homes and spending a day with them

Yoga / Meditation procedures by an external faculty

Short trips to nearby locations / Trekking

Customized programs for all lady members of the club involving the home makers (spouses and male employees)

Creating awareness on all important days declared by WHO / UNESCO

Arranging and organizing celebratory events of the company

Internal Sports events and also involving clubs of HLL Lifecare Limited